The Benefits


For aspiring actors. Directors, and Casting Directors especially, the benefits of the Paskal Rudnicke Casting internship are immense. This internship provides an exceptional opportunity to observe and participate in the casting process for television, feature film, and commercials. You spend nearly half if not more than half of your time with us watching auditions, so you’ll get a special insight into what we look for and respond to in the room. You may also sit-in on callbacks with our clients in the room and can observe how they reflect on auditions and make selections as well.

This experience can also be quite valuable to those pursuing careers in marketing, advertising, or arts management as interns become familiar with all the other roles/aspects of the entertainment business. Our interns have gone on to become talent agents, AD agency producers, directors, actors, copy writers, art directors, production coordinators, etc. We find the more you talk to us about your specific areas of interest, the more we can try to help you find mentorship in that area.


Many of the major players in the Chicago ad world and film industry will filter through our office in the course of your internship. Additionally, the relationships you build with the other interns can also prove to be quite valuable. In Chicago, we make ensembles and find collaborators everywhere.

Show Coverage

Our casting directors receive dozens of invitations each week to attend theatre productions in Chicago and its neighboring suburbs. Interns may always tell us about shows they’re in, they’ve seen or would like to see. We may be able to help arrange industry tickets for them or bring them with us to a performance. Tickets are not guaranteed, but we are happy to ask on your behalf.

Future Work Opportunities

While this is an unpaid internship, we occasionally hire our former interns who have distinguished themselves during their internship for short-term freelance work in our office and street casting projects.